The countdown is on!

It is still a big secret but as you know women’s biggest passion is gossip and that’s the reason why I’m gonna share these very important news here.

Do you know the saying „One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow“?
This is the present situation within our range of server products.

As we mentioned before our Giga Dedicated Server XL will vanish from our portfolio after 7 successfull years – his place instead will take our favorite Dedicated Server Duo.

Our previous top model, the Dedicatet Server 6-Core, loses his top position aswell. Instead, a much more powerful server model takes its place.

The new model will shine with even more power and energy, that’s why we call it already the „gladiator“ among our root servers.

So, be prepared for the offical announcement of the server and stay tuned.

Have a nice evening!