Realtime server status:

We are working continously hard to improve the infrastructure of our data center although it is already very reliable. Furthermore, we have a lot of control mechanisms which are detecting problems even before they might have an effect at all. However, despite these security mechanisms we can not entirely eliminate the risk of short temporary

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Price reduction: Internet bandwidth, now almost for free!

For hosting in a datacenter – or expressed in a more fashionable way – storing data in ‘the cloud’, there is one crucial factor: A top quality, fast and secure Internet connection of the servers within the datacenter. Only this makes it possible to retrieve and make use of the data, stored and processed in

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Windows Server 2012 available now!

Just right after the official completion of MICROSOFT’s new operating system for server applications – entitled Windows Server 2012 – our technicians have started with working on its evaluation. We have performed numerous functionality tests for our customers and in particular the integration of this new system into our “ASI” (Automatic System Installer) System. We

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Meet us on Facebook!

As of today, is presenting their official website on FACEBOOK. Like in our company blog, we would like to use this platform to inform all interested folks specifically about our products, new developments, some interesting details about our day-to-day business and, not to forget, about ourselves. In addition, you can post your comments regarding

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