Server & VPS: Now one monthly fee for free!

As of now, we refund up to one monthly fee for every order of our VPS of the series “HDD + SSD boost” and many of our dedicated servers.

It is up to you how big the refund is that you will receive from us: The longer the chosen minimum contract length of your ordered server, the higher the refund we immediately add to your order in return. If you opt for a contract length of 12 months, you will receive one full monthly fee for the chosen server, respectively VPS, from us.

The following discounts will be credited to your account by us and apply for orders of most of Contabo’s servers and for orders of all of Contabo’s VPS of the series “HDD + SSD boost”:

In case you choose a contract length of…

… 1 month: No discount
… 3 months: 25% refund of one monthly fee
… 6 months: 50% refund of one monthly fee
… 12 months: 100% refund of one monthly fee

You may ask yourself: How will it be processed in detail? The answer: Quite simple, really:

You just order your desired server or VPS with the ad-button “1 month free!” at After submitting your order, we will automatically deduct the respective discount from your total fee. You will thus have to pay only the updated amount of money, which of course includes the discount already. Once we receive your payment, we will then immediately setup your server for you.

Get your refund of up to 120€ and order your new dedicated server or VPS at Contabo!

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