New server model? Your opinion matters!

Recently, there have been some new hardware releases which also could be very interesting for servers. Once again, we would like to ask for your feedback on the current AMD and Intel lineup.

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We would be thrilled to hear why you would prefer one of them over the one. Or is there an entirely different configuration which you would be interested in? Feel free to post in the comments for this.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)!


  • Hello Mike,
    1st of all, let me congratulate you guys for all your work, and also give you my best wishes of even greater success for the approaching 2012.
    Now regarding this question, i’ve had the same one a few weeks back, so i’m giving you guys the same opinion i concluded for myself.
    For the current hardware in use, applications and all, i’d bet on the Intel servers, much because of the raw processing power vs power consumption.
    The pricing for the base server, is +/- the same, but the overall, on expenses on keeping it running 24/7, heat dissipation, and all that stuff that we have to keep in mind as being datacenter Wise… well.. i guess the big picture is all here right now…
    Best Regards,

  • We in our datacenter chose AMD. To be clear about this vote:
    First – lower power consumtions
    Second – in our testing env we get better results than with xeon servers
    Third – core price is much cheeper
    Fourth – i7 is not server processor 🙂

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