Customer Survey

Dear customer, dear visitor, dear prospect:

We are constantly striving to provide our products as custom tailored as possible to meet the requirements of our existing and new clients precisely. Therefore, we would like to get to know those requirements and – if feasible – offer solutions for fulfilling the demands. This questionnaire shall give us an idea about the requirements so that we can improve our existing offers and adjust them even tighter to our clients wishes and perceptions.

We cordially invite you to participate, as you yourself will benefit directly from the surveys results!

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We thank you very much for participating in that survey.

  • I really like the idea of creating a control panel for the clients.

    I was a client of Softlayer Technologies, one of the biggest hosting soultion providers in USA and they have a really complete Panel and API.

    Im not asking you to have a control panel as they have, because it’s really complicated to make it, and it would force you to change your infrastructure and your company processes.

    But It would be great if you can make an approach of it, like a Panel where all the servers are listed, with their own IP Addresses, user , password and specific details of it.
    With bandwidth graphs to monitor the bandwidth usage at any server.
    Also to check the status of the server (Online/Offline, and possibly some other information) and to allow to reboot the server from it.
    Also a place where you can upgrade the servers, adding RAM, or any other device, like KVM O-IP, Hardware Firewalls, etc.

    Another very important thing is a page where clients can check the invoice list, list of payments, etc

    Finally integrate to it a Ticket support system, so all the support requests are listed, with a status like Closed, Open, In Progress…

    I think that implementing something like that would make Giga-hosting one of the best hosting providers in Europe.

  • I have submitted my vote 🙂

    Hopefully giga-international can come with a FREE CRM control panel which customer can reboot, shutdown, power up their server with a single click . In addition a panel that can do re-installation automatically is great because this speed up process. Bandwidth graph like MRTG for live view is great stuff . From the panel itself also content billing records and invoices to renew it directly with paypal or credit cards.

    Ticket status also must be appeared in the control panel either it’s open,closed or resolved

    So far i been loyal to you guys since 3 years ago 🙂

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