A traditional Get Together at the Oktoberfest!

Like every year, Giga-Hosting spent an evening at the famous Oktoberfest.
It is a fact that reserving tables for a whole company is very difficult on the all known Oktoberfest – but as a Munich hosting provider it goes without saying that we could manage to reserve a few tables for our team.

And so we came together in the afternoon in front of the largest Oktoberfest tent called the Hofbräu Festzelt in order to spend a pleasant evening with typical Bavarian food like Brotzeitbrettl (a hearty snack), Obazda (typical Bavarian cheese), Hendl (roasted chicken), Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancakes) and so on. There is no need to say that we all had one or two “Maß Bier” (glasses of beer) – but details about how many we all had at the end remain our little secret :-).

For many of us it has been the first time in the quite touristic and very internationally oriented tent – but this is not a surprise because the tents’ patron is the world-famous “Hofbräuhaus”, that is highly frequented by tourists from all over the world. But nevertheless you will find locals as well among the visitors (by the way the tent had room for nearly 10.000 visitors).
A good mix, as we found, and also very reasonable on the one hand, because of our team coming from all over the world and on the other hand, because of our international located customers.
All in all, the atmosphere was great and we were really happy to be there and to celebrate together as a team.
Special praise goes to Lisa, Franzi and Uschi, our three excellent waitresses, who took care of us by providing food and beverages for us- despite the massive tumult in the tent. Once again, many thanks for this great service.

Short after 11pm, when the tent has closed, our round departed – good for those who have to work the next day. Thus, we had enough time to recover from the pleasant exertions last night in order to leave a competent impression on our customers the next day.
After all, customer satisfaction in all aspects is our highest priority, and moreover, as the saying goes: Those you can celebrate can work the next day as well.
(Btw: Thanks to a colleague our data centre and thus, your server, has been in good hands because he was holding the fort while we were dancing on the tables.

Thank you for the nice evening – we are already looking forward to the next Oktoberfest in 2013.